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Vision and Core aims

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LTA puts inclusion at the centre of our work, enabling participation for all, and is committed to developing projects that engage people from marginalised and disadvantaged groups.


LTA has a core focus on arts and health, aiming to enhance emotional and mental well-being and physical health. This aim is carried through both participatory and performance-based work. We aim to inspire and develop creativity; facilitate participants’ personal development and learning, and achievement of goals and aspirations; we create sociable, supportive and safe spaces in which to explore ideas; we encourage fun and value creative play for people of all ages! 


LTA has deep experience and a strong reputation as an innovator and leader in the field of performing arts work with children and young people, with people with additional and complex needs, and in the combination of these two areas.


LTA has initiated, developed and managed a number of large scale projects with extended time frames, large budgets, challenging aims, and partnership teams that include a wide range of organisations and collaborating artists. We aim to bring creativity into every aspect of planning and development and delivery.


Whilst based in Wirksworth, LTA works throughout Derbyshire and the East Midlands and has a team of highly experienced freelance art practitioners who collaborate as required for the particular aims and needs of each project.


Core aims:

1. To develop projects and programmes, with a specific target group of people with higher need, and a focus on arts and health, well-being and community integration, that:

  • enhances quality of life, sense of well-being, emotional and mental health, and gives opportunity for learning and personal development
  • supports individuals and communities in exploring and communicating their own and others’ experiences, ideas and cultures

  • gives opportunity for community cohesion through partnership and collaborative working, leadership skills development and cross generational activity

  • develops participants’ skills and confidence, particularly in interpersonal communication, self expression, creativity, idea development, self determination, co-operative teamwork

  • increases young people’s sense of self, resilience, self esteem, ability to work in a team, ability to use creative processes, and understanding of / empathy towards others, and celebrates diversity and difference​​​

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Core aims continued:

2.  To contribute to Derbyshire dance development and increase capacity for the delivery of participatory and performative dance work within county through: 

  • integrated work with disabled and non-disabled young people in the Derbyshire Dales
  • unique and specialised choreography and performance opportunities

  • development of original performance and related outreach work of professional company (The Secret Dance Club) within county

  • supporting the training, work experience and employment of aspiring, young and emerging dance artists.

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